On the fence about working with a recruiting agency? We get it. Recruiting can be a struggle, and sometimes the thought of adding more people to the mix doesn’t sound like it can help. It is also an added cost and we always tell potential clients that if you can hire the right person on your own, do it. We would do the same thing if we were in your shoes.

However, agencies can add a lot of value to your search, especially if you are hiring into a specific function and working with an agency focused on that niche – for us, that is Salesforce.com and Sales Operations.

Part of our mission here at TwentyPine is to be a customer first company, and we think of ourselves as an extension of your team. We are not just looking to just send along candidates that we think fit the job description. Instead, we aim to act as a trusted advisor to you throughout the process, so that your team and the candidate are both set up for long-term success.

So, how does this partnership work?

Here is what you can expect when working with TwentyPine. . .

There are no stupid questions, and we ask a lot of them.

We need to understand your organization’s needs just as well as you do. This leads to less work for you down the line and higher quality candidates from day one.

It is more than knowing about the role itself. We want to know about the future roadmap for this particular role and your organization. We are going to ask how the need for the hire came up, and what recruiting challenges you have run into in the past.

If you are in Human Resources, Internal Recruitment, the direct Hiring Manager or someone part of the interview process, we are going to want to know what made you join the organization. We are essentially interviewing you first in order to truly understand this role, your team and your company’s culture.

Since we are the first touch point with the candidate regarding your organization, we need to be able to represent you accurately and answer all of their questions.

We are going to bug you.

From the time we kick off a search, we tell you that we are very high touch.

In order to move your process along, keep candidates engaged, and get you that hire like we promised, we are going to need open lines of communication.

We prefer to receive feedback over the phone about submissions, and interviews so we can answer any questions and address any concerns right away – eliminating any back and forth. Unless we scheduled a specific time to connect, you can assume that the call coming in after you interviewed with a candidate is TwentyPine!

Don’t get me wrong, we know you are busy and we are partnering with you in order to take hours of work hiring off your plate. However, five or ten minutes on the phone with us to give detailed feedback can mean a difference of days rather than emailing back and forth to get all the answers.

We provide full transparency, and we expect it in return.

Full transparency is an important characteristic for finding the right people for your organization. We will share everything we know about candidates with you, including where candidates stand with their own job search, how they are feeling about your company and the opportunity, any hesitations they might have, so on and so forth.

In return, we want to understand all of your feedback, in as much detail as possible. Meaning, we want very specific examples of what the conversation was like, what you asked, what they answered, your overall impression – the whole nine yards.  This will be a huge help to us as we continue to source for candidates, and the more feedback we can provide to candidates (positive and negative), the better their experience and impression of your company will be.

Transparency is also important when it comes to any changes internally that may affect the search in any way. This includes everything from other candidates in process internally, to recent rounds of funding, or structure changes. We never want to be blindsided, or have our candidates feel that way either. An honest approach to working together will eliminate a lot of delays caused by miscommunication, unaligned expectations, and other sources of confusion.

You can trust us, we are Salesforce experts.

As I mentioned earlier, agencies can add a lot of value when it comes to more specialized talent like that of Sales Operations and Salesforce.

Being that this is our sole focus, we spend 50+ hours a week speaking with candidates and hiring managers within the ecosystem. We also attend webinars, user groups and large conferences, all so that we understand the products people are using, how they implemented it, where candidates sit within the market, and even what the market looks like currently. We do all this so we can better advise you on making key strategic hires.  

That being said, if you have questions about a specific skill set or salary range for the profile you are hiring, we can provide you with that information. We will also tell you if your expectations for a hire are not in line with the market, and then help you reevaluate the scope of the role.

At the end of the day, timely and open lines of communication will benefit both of us – we may be more engaged than what you are used to, but it will set you up for success to find the right hire quickly.