It’s time for a Salesforce Hiring and Career Blog

Oh, this is so exciting I’m getting giddy just typing – our first blog post.

We are proud to announce The Twenty Times, to be published here every week (except for nerd holidays – more about me later). Our goal is to bring you the most relevant insight, data, and trends we have identified in the Salesforce Ecosystem as it applies to career planning or hiring & retention strategy.

There is a lot of info out there about Salesforce and what it’s like to be in the Ecosystem, but not a whole ton about Salesforce hiring or moving Salesforce careers to the next level. That’s where we come in. This blog is written with two audiences in mind:

  1. Hiring Managers looking to plan their Salesforce hiring and retention strategy.
  2. Salesforce Professionals wanting to plan their career beyond what’s right in front of them.

If you have a question shoot me an email and we’ll do our best to write a post about it.

From Salesforce Career Experts

Why should you pay attention to what we’re saying? Because we know what we’re talking about. Our network consists of over 32,000 professionals and 14,700 companies that hire them in the United States.

TwentyPine is a Boutique Headhunting Firm exclusively for the (SFDC) ecosystem. We focus entirely on helping SFDC Customers, ISVs, and Consulting Partners identify SFDC Administrators, Developers, Business Analysts, Solution and Technical Architects, CRM Managers / Directors, and VPs/Directors/Managers of Sales Operations.

Sharing our Salesforce Career Insights

Our intent is to share some of the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years about the nuances of hiring and getting hired specific to our world. The Salesforce Ecosystem already has an awesome community of Admins, Developers, Architects, Analysts, and Executives sharing their knowledge – it’s time we shared some of ours: how to build a sustainable Salesforce team for the long-term.

When hiring or accepting a role, it’s imperative to think about what comes next – how does the team evolve from here; what is the career development; and what comes next for both the organization and individual in order to continue growing.

Our goal is to make this blog the authoritative source of information on the hiring process and career planning in Salesforce.

It’s going to be a crazy adventure, but we’re looking forward to it because it’s going to be a lot of fun.