A Note from the Editor

Dear Salesforce friends:

For those that read our blog and subscribe to our newsletter, you’re going to see something a bit different from us through the rest of June. We will be focusing on a theme this month that needs to be addressed by the people in our industry (the headhunting industry): gender equality in the hiring process and workplace.

Recently one of our favorite MVPs and NYC User Group Leader, Cheryl Feldman brought to our attention that this wasn’t getting the consideration it needed and we fully agree. To take a step in the right direction all of the content we will publish through the month of June will be about how we, as a community, can come together and address these issues. Thank you Cheryl for everything.

Some topics may be awkward and some may be uncomfortable, but they are worth your attention and ours.

We are blessed to be part of this amazing ecosystem and truly thank you for your attention and support.

Will Lutz
Director of Marketing