Every month we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite articles from around the ecosystem. The only requirements are:
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Here are three articles from this month:

Article 1: Sales Forecasting 101: Definition, Methods, Examples, KPIs

Who is it for? Sales Ops, Admins looking to move up, Architects
Why should you care? Early in our careers, Salesforce Admins often take on a lot of configuration and maintenance work. However, organization leaders are starting to open their eyes to how important Sales Operations are to growing companies. This article is a great overview and starting point for the core of what Sales Operations does. And should be a MUST READ for anyone looking to advance their Salesforce career.

Article 2: Salesforce created an algorithm that automatically summarizes text using machine learning

Who is it for? Nerds. Salesforce people. Nerdy Salesforce people.
Why should you care? If you haven’t noticed Salesforce Einstein and the corporate push into AI, I’m assuming you’ve been living under a rock. This is some of the coolest AI I’ve seen out of Einstein. I’ve had some personal exposure to Natural Language Processing when I was in school and can attest to how difficult of a problem it is. SFDC is making huge strides and making it accessible to everyone (soon). Nerdy and cool.

Article 3: How To Audit Your Sales Process: 4 Actionable Steps For Business Growth

Who is it for? Sales Operations, Senior Leadership, Architects, Senior Admins
Why should you care? Sales Hacker’s second killer article in the past week. I love this article. We often get caught up in the cool stuff Salesforce does and can do, while forgetting how much it works hand in hand with Sales and Marketing. This is an incredible and practical guide for doing periodic Sales Process audits. After reading it I can already imagine the Reports and Dashboards that need to be built.

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