Every month – on the third Tuesday – we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite articles from around the ecosystem. The only requirements are:
Is it interesting?
Do we want to share it?
Does the author demonstrate expertise?

Here are three articles from this month:

Article 1: Ultimate Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2017

Who is it for? Admins, Developers, Users, Sales, Sales Ops
Why should you care? Ben McCarthy is already pretty notorious for having good Salesforce stuff – the blog is seriously worth a follow, but this post stands out in particular and is one of my favorites in recent memory. Guarantee everyone will find something in here that’s useful. Doesn’t it feel so good when you find something that saves you time, money, or energy? Yeah, yeah it does.

Article 2: 7 Salesforce certifications that will advance your career

Who is it for? People trying to break into Salesforce
Why should you care? OK, I’ll admit some parts of this article can be a bit redundant for many. However it is a great way to look at the popular certifications from a wider lens, the way an employer might look at them. This is a great base document to explain what Salesforce Professionals do to people not in the ecosystem.

Article 3: Is MSFT or Salesforce leading the market in business app development?

Who is it for? Directors, Executives, Co-founders
Why should you care? Modern CRMs have a lot going on. They’re more than just a database. In the same way the App Store makes the iPhone valuable, the add-on applications are what will make your CRM valuable. Microsoft is trying to play catch-up but it is still unlikely they’ll catch up with Salesforce in this regard. If you’re thinking about switching or implementing a new CRM, this article is worth a read.

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